V.R. Halter and Associates

V.R. Halter & Associates serves as a third party advisor to its development clients to ensure the following cornerstones are creatively and strategically planned, positioned, and executed.

A. Visioning

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers specialized expertise to its clients to assist and consult with the Developer regarding the overall development concept for the subject property. This consultation includes recommendation as to the most effective site plan, subdivision and unit mix, product design, amenities, community structure and marketing.

B. Market Research and Implementation

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer in the operational analysis of market research and the integration of research results into planning for the development, its products, and amenities. Further, when deemed necessary, V.R. Halter & Assoc. will shop comparable developments to monitor the effectiveness and competitiveness of the subject property and its sales and marketing programs.

C. Site Planning

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer with regard to site planning to ensure the maximum integration of both the development plan and strategic marketing plan with special focus on positioning and “for sale” real estate releases. This will include emphasis on phasing, site amenities, landscaping, signage, and streetscaping. This effort will be undertaken to ensure maximum absorption, product availability, and the creation of sustained long term marketing momentum.

D. Strategic Plan

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer and appropriate marketing subcontractors in the structuring and production of an overall development strategic marketing plan. This service will consist of the following:

  • Assist and consult with the Developer in the selection of the development's advertising, public relations, and special events subcontractors. This service will include assistance with the direction of the planning and design of the advertising and public relations program and working with the subcontractors in producing targeted newspaper, periodical, and other printed advertising. Further and as needed, this service will include assistance in the development and production of radio, television, and video advertising. Of special importance is the production of collateral materials used for the positioning of the community and the sale of real estate to ensure that its design and intended use are properly planned and executed. To this end, the firm will offer its services in training the sales staff in the use of these materials.

  • Consult and assist with the planning of all special events for the property to ensure cost efficiency (and the integration of each) so that any event offers cross- marketing and sales opportunities..

  • Consult and recommend placement of all advertising in those newspapers, periodicals, radio, and television stations which will afford the greatest exposure of such advertising to the greatest number of people in the subject market for the property.

  • Assist in the planning, conceptualization, and placement of public relations stories and events to ensure maximum sales efficiency and targeted information distribution to integrate public relations as a sales tool for both the community.

  • In markets where needed, the firm will organize and manage the production of the marketing plan and materials for an aggressive co-op realtor program. Further, it will offer specialized training to the site agents to ensure the maximization of exposure and loyalty from the outside realtor community.

E. Pricing Strategies

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its clients assistance with regard to the selection of product types, amenities, and membership programs as needed.

F. Budget Preparation

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer regarding the preparation of a comprehensive line item marketing budget for the property in conjunction with an overall development and marketing strategy.

G. Legal

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer and his legal counsel with regard to the coordination of work required for the establishment of the sales documents for the development, the P.O.A. (Property Owners Association) regime for the property, club memberships (where applicable), and subsequent subdivision homeowner associations. This includes assistance in the formulation of the type and legal requirements for the builder program, club structure, lot sales program, and any master and sub-associations required. Further, it includes assistance in the design and production of the marketing materials needed to disclose the legal requirements.

H. Property Owners Association

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer with regard to establishing the P.O.A. (Property Owners Association), its fees, structure, and selection of its management for the properties. After inception, V.R. Halter & Assoc. will, if requested, assist the Developer in the structuring and coordination of the homeowners meetings to maximize developer credibility.

I. Policies and Procedures

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to assist and consult with the Developer in the establishment of operational policies and procedures used for sales, builder programs, co-op realtor programs, and any membership programs as needed. This service includes structuring, placement, and monitoring the proficiency and cost efficiency of the program.

J. Staffing

V.R. Halter & Assoc. will consult with the Developer regarding those positions deemed necessary or desirable for the marketing of the property. This will include the selection of sales staffing for amenities, the real estate, and other subcontractors, including advertising and public relations. Further, it will assist in the development of sales procedures, follow-up systems, and reporting procedures to be utilized in connection with the marketing program. The firm will train the sales staff in utilization of the sales center, sales materials, site tours, and product demonstration. The firm will also monitor the effectiveness of such sales and marketing programs and make recommendation for modifications when necessary.

K. Marketing and Sales Programs

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers specialized services to consult and assist the Developer in the development and ongoing marketing programs for the property. These marketing programs are tailored to ensure maximum efficiency for the sale of all subdivisions, builder products, home sites, amenities, and commercial uses. Said programs should be planned a minimum of one year in advance to ensure support for absorption goals, maximum exposure to the market, and the building and long term imaging for the development.

L. Design and Implementation of Point of Sale

V.R. Halter & Assoc. will assist in providing direction for the design of the information and sales facility for the development through coordination with the developers, architect, interior design firm, and display subcontractors. This effort will ensure proper imaging for the community, effective exposure, and sale of product and amenities, and retail uses.

M. The Amenities

V.R. Halter & Assoc. offers its services to consult in the design of the development, amenities, public spaces, and uses. This service will place special emphasis on creating synergy to ensure that the amenities and retail operations are integrated not only into the development's strategic marketing plan, but also leverage retail exposure and potential revenue through the design and location of these critical development lifestyle elements.